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Paseo Mall

     If you have some time to kill during your stay. Then why not come and visit this modern but authentic Thai night market, it is just 15 minutes’ drive from our hotel. Don’t expect a massive shopping mall. This is a small up-market shopping Centre and restaurant complex specializing mostly in lady’s fashion.

Paseo Mall

     As well as having indoor shops there is also an outdoor night market that is well worth a visit. In the late afternoon stallholders come to set up for the night market, unloading all their wares from the back of pickup trucks and small cars.

     On a balmy Bangkok night there is nothing better than wandering amongst the stalls looking for that last minute present or just having a wander around taking your time to browse the items on each stall. Take in the atmosphere this Bangkok night market,

     The stallholders at the Paseo Mall are extremely friendly, although being this far from the tourist areas you will find that not all of them speak English. But then that is part of the fun isn't it? Negotiating with someone in a foreign language will give your trip that added dimension as you bargain for that little special item or piece of fashion.

     Primarily the Paseo Shopping Mall caters to Thai locals and so they are not selling cushion covers or Buddha images, but more likely, shoes, lady’s trousers and fashion items, watches and some fresh vegetables, but this all adds to the Bangkok shopping experience.

Opening Hours : Every day from 10.00 hrs. -22.00 hrs. the night market is starting at about 4:00pm.

How to : Get There: Take a taxi from U-Tiny Boutique Home to this mall. It takes about 15 minutes (without traffic). Please contact our host team for assistance.