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Fashion Island

   Fashion island Bangkok is not the average mall-- it is three floors of Bangkok and also has paragon shopping if needed.

       it is off the beaten track, but then has every bit of Bangkok without all the traffic. The mall, whilst containing all of the shops and conveniences that other malls sport, does have a bias towards fashion outlets, hence its name. 

     On site, apart from a large Robinson’s department store, numerous coffee shops and other eateries, is a very nice collection of clothes and shoe shops providing shoppers with a great choice of new apparel possibilities. I also noticed an extensive range of jewelry and watch dealers plus some home improvement and interior design specialists. This is a very large mall which also has an entertainment complex and Cineplex on site too. Fashion Island is located at the intersection of the outer ring road and highway 304

     Fashion island is a big shopping mall that full of service. At Fashion Island there are many stuff to buy and most of it is inexpensive everyone could afford stuff there. This shopping mall have many restaurants that pretty good and this shopping mall sometime will have stuff to sale or a carnival example like animal carnival, food carnival and more. This Shopping mall have EVERY THING. This shopping mall always has many people come and visit or come and see or buy. 
     The mall caters to everyone. From the swensons(ice cream) to the kids zone and Toys R Us on the top floor. Clean and safe. They also supply Wifi if you need. Go to the information desk by the Pizza Hut when entering the mall and they will give you a password and your set. Not always fast but works in most areas.

     Opening Hours: Every day from 10.00 hrs. -22.00 hrs. the night market is starting at about 4:00pm.
     How to Get There: Take a taxi from U-Tiny Boutique Home to this mall. It takes about 15 minutes. Please contact our host team for assistance.