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Mega Bangna Shopping Mall


One Of The Largest Shopping Malls In South East Asia Mega Bangna is the latest mammoth to hit town. This 35,000 square metres low rise shopping mall is mainly known as the home of IKEA, attracting a huge crowd of 'Do It Yourself' home decorators. This is not a high end shopping mall for tourists but a very convenient escape for loacls and residents during the weekend.

     "Everything Under One Roof" is the motto of Mega Bangna and in many aspects, it works. In addition to the large distribution centers Home Pro, Big C, Robinson and IKEA, 450 brand shops share this oval shaped mall, which obviously has been designed to make sure you keep going round in circles course! The place also features an oversized ice rink, a food court, a 24 lane bowling alley and a huge major cineplex. Well basically everything is oversized, even the car park can accommodate 8,000 cars!

     This mall is more of a living mall where families like to spend the weekend. So don't expect to find luxury fashion boutiques here, but a huge array of young popular brands. The same goes for dining, all are local or international franchises and the only restaurant that sticks out above the crowd is the very popular Four Seasons and its famous Peking Duck

     Opening Hours: Every day from 10.00 hrs. -22.00 hrs. the night market is starting at about 4:00pm.

     How to Get There: Take a taxi from U-Tiny Boutique Home to this mall. It takes about 30 minutes (without traffic). Please contact our host team for assistance. It's easy to reach by taxi usually within 30 minutes, just make sure you plan a bit of extra time in case traffic gets busy.