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Kwan-Riam Floating Market


    New floating market which locates beside Sean Saeb Cannel. Though not a true floating market in the strictest sense, it is nonetheless a really fun weekend/holiday place that is within Bangkok yet worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

 This is where you get to sample delicious food from all regions of Thailand, get some offbeat souvenirs and outlet-price clothes and just enjoy the nice canal atmosphere.

     Also, here are a fleet of ancient boat which were a hundred years of age, aquatic food offering to the monk activity, plays etc. Thank you for our amateur merchants     who cooperate and interested in Kwan Riam Floating Market. This floating market simulate a life and tradition of the countryside people who live near the canal and try to make you see the cool and present atmosphere.
     If you've got a late afternoon / early evening flight out of BKK and you're wondering what to do for the afternoon? Visit this market is the answer!!!! It's authentic, it's a local market visited by pretty much only Thais and its great value. Have lunch at a food stall or restaurant, take the 40-baht boat tour up the long and have a great Bangkok experience most others don't get.
     There was loads of food being cooked in boats for sale fascinating fruits and vegetables. Snake handlers, all sorts of exotic birds and animals. A must visits assaults the senses in every way, smell sight sounds and taste. Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday 7.00 am-12.00 (noon)
     How to Get There: Take a taxi from U-Tiny Boutique Home to this mall. It takes about 15 minutes. Please contact our host team for assistance.