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 W H A T ' S  N E A R B Y

Our proximity to the airport makes us a popular choice for stopover and transit stay travelers who don’t have time to travel too far. U-Tiny Boutique Home is situated less than 15 minutes’ drive to famous Theme Parks, golf courses, and shopping malls nearby.


Paseo Mall

     If you have some time to kill during your stay. Then why not come and visit this modern but authentic Thai night market, it is just 15 minutes’ drive from our hotel. Don’t expect a massive shopping mall. This is a small up-market shopping Centre and restaurant complex specializing mostly in lady’s fashion.

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Seacon Square

 Seacon Square, a 96 football-field sized entertainment centre, is one of
 Southeast Asia’s biggest malls. Apart from hundreds of shops and outlets
 selling everything a shopper's heart desires, including a huge IT mall,
 lots of family fun can be had on a rainy day at its indoor amusement park.

 The mall features a mini-golf course and a 14-theatre multiplex cinema,
as well as a motion 'simulator' theatre. Come here if you want to let your kids loose, while you do your shopping. As Seacon Square is only 14km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, it's a fantastic place to really break loose before a long flight. Or if you have the energy and want to get your last
kick out of Bangkok, join them.

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Safari World

     Safari World is an attraction which includes a zoo and shows. The area is divided into Safari Park where tourists can experience wild animals in their natural habitat from the safety of your car or a coach. The Marine Park is home to a vast spectrum of animals, where you are entertained by amazing shows of clever animals. 

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Fashion Island

   Fashion island Bangkok is not the average mall-- it is three floors of Bangkok and also has paragon shopping if needed.

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Siam Park City

     The biggest water park and amusement park in Asia is located on Seree Thai Road, Kannayao district, boasts an simulated sea, packed with exciting water rides such as the 7-storey-high Super Spiral Slider. You can also enjoy and learn from the Chinese wax museum, Botanical Park, Zoo, and Knowledge Park.  

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Mega Bangna Shopping Mall

     One Of The Largest Shopping Malls In South East Asia Mega Bangna is the latest mammoth to hit town. This 35,000 square metres low rise shopping mall is mainly known as the home of IKEA, attracting a huge crowd of 'Do It Yourself' home decorators. This is not a high end shopping mall for tourists but a very convenient escape for loacls and residents during the weekend.

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Dream World Amusement Park

     Dream World is a large-scale American-style amusement park  Dream World on the outskirts of Bangkok is a large amusement park where young kids and teenagers as well as adults will have a great time.

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Kwan-Riam Floating Market

     New floating market which locates beside Sean Saeb Cannel. Though not a true floating market in the strictest sense, it is nonetheless a really fun weekend/holiday place that is within Bangkok yet worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

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